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Investment Property

Pride of ownership with an investment property takes on new meaning. We understand the unique risks landlords face daily. Risks that many insurers will turn away from. Our in-house product offers landlords piece of mind to truly protect their investments with a Solution tailored to them.

  • Availability of full Sewer Backup and Water Damage

  • No exclusion for damage caused by Vandalism and Malicious Acts of tenants

  • Full Replacement Cost including the removal of Co-Insurance Penalties

Group Benefits

Employers looking to protect their most valuable asset, their employees, turn to FENA Group Benefits Solution. Our team will develop a plan tailored to meet the specific needs of your company and workforce. We are able to do so with our market reach. Creating a plan design can meet your coverage and budget needs.

  • Access to all National Insurers

  • Plans are consistently reviewed to ensure coverage is suited for your staff and budget

  • The ability to have One Brokerage service your business and benefits insurance

Construction & Surety

Contractors work in a highly competitive environment and need professionals who truly understand their business. The team at FENA holds a high level of Construction experience in the insurance world to help your company grow profitability. FENA’s access to insurers that work in the construction industry allows General Constructors and All Trades of all sizes to rest assure. Also, remember that our brokerage fully services all Surety accounts in-house.

  • Power of Attorney with the Surety Companies represented

  • Full Fleet Insurance offering for your company’s automobile needs

  • Builders Risk, Wrap-up Liability and all specialized coverage is available

Manufacturing & Wholesale

Not all manufactures have the same lead time to order raw material or a new specialized machine should there be a claim. Is your policy correct? FENA’s specialist are able to analyze Indemnity Periods to ensure your financial strength will continue through the toughest claim. FENA’s market reach will also help your company send product to all countries.

  • Selling Price Clause for Stock

  • Business Interruption tailored to your business

  • True Worldwide Liability coverage to follow your products

Cyber Solutions

FENA is pleased to be able to offer coverage for Cyber coverage inhouse with our exclusive program. This coverage has become more important to our clients in the last few years and will continue to grow as this risk evolves. As a result, the FENA Cyber Lite Solution was create for all clients.

  • Privacy Breach coverage for First party loss

  • Liability coverage for Third party claims against your company

  • Access to a Cyber risk management firm with all policies placed to be proactive in your Cyber defense



The hospitality industry comes with many risk factors that cause concern for the average insurance broker and company. At FENA, the team’s knowledge and experience combined with the insurance companies FENA works with allow clients to obtain the coverage they need. One hospitality location can have multiple risks unique to that business.

  • Availability of a blanket amount of insurance across all locations

  • Access to higher liability and property limits

  • Ability to tailor Liability to include Abuse Coverage


Professional Liability

Accountants, engineers and environmental consultants, just a few examples of individuals that require a specific insurance coverage to protect their business and their lifestyle. General Liability does not offer all of the coverage need for a Professional. Errors & Omissions occur and identifying these risks has made FENA successful and our clients protected.

  • Defense cost excess of the limit of insurance

  • Capability to offer a combined Professional Liability and General Liability policy to close all gaps

  • The Market reach to arrange coverage for the toughest types of businesses

Directors and Officers

The larger the organization does not always trigger the need for Directors & Officers Insurance. Organizations of all types and sizes will have exposures that this product will protect. Following a risk assessment, FENA is able to building a Directors & Officers product to include coverage for the organization, board members, stakeholders, employment practices liability and more.

  • Offerings for Private, Public and Not-for-Profit Organizations

  • Defense cost excess of the limit of insurance

  • Tailored policies are always available

Home & Auto

Whether you own a home, condominium or rent, we offer insurance solutions to suit your needs and protect your hard-earned assets. We can create cost-efficiencies by packaging your personal insurance needs.

We offer insurance solutions to provide you with peace of mind protection on your vehicles, motorcycles or classic/collector cars at the most competitive pricing.



  • Overland Water Protection

  • Water Damage Premium Reduction/coverage Increase

  • Claims Advantage Program

  • Lifestyle Advantage Program


  • Winter Tire Discount

  • Automobile Claims Advantage Program

  • My Driving Discount