The Value of the Broker

Nov 28, 2014 02:14PM

A recent episode of the popular HGTV series Holmes Makes it Right entitled "Flood Suckers" highlights the struggles of a family following the July 2013 floods in Toronto. Faced with severely inadequate coverage, contractors abandoning the job and no assistance from their insurer, it's a cautionary tale about the pitfalls of chasing the lowest advertised premium.

It also delivers a powerful message about the value of the broker - providing customers with the best advice, products and coverages they need, and support when they need it.

As he does at the end of every episode, Mike Holmes shares his "last word and it speaks directly to this point:

"You need insurance on your home. You know you need fire, you need theft, you need damage and possibilities.

And for whatever reason we get caught up in this world of, "What's the cheapest Insurance?" They brag about it on television: "Call us! We're $200 less!" "You're going to save money!"

"It isn't about that. It's about making sure that you protect the memories, and pay for it right."


Video clip : Mike's Last Word

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